In Search of Human Scale

Yes, I’m still editing Trinity. But I’m also working on two new projects — both in the early stages  of pre-production. The larger of the two is represented in this graphic. If you’ve been following my documentary career since the beginning — and who hasn’t? — you immediately recognize I’m returning to a beloved general topic: new urbanism. This time I’m taking a look at the 15-minute city concept.

Untitled ProjectI don’t know if In Search of Human Scale is a good title yet. But it does get after something I’ve been thinking since the 15-minute city concept had its moment of infamy following certain reactions to it that, shall we say, fall comfortably well within the realm of crazy conspiracy theories.

Retrofitting cities to make them more livable can certainly be controversial for any number of rational reasons. The conspiracy theories, oddly enough, do indeed point out that the idea of making a city livable isn’t without challenges and outcomes that may favor some groups over others.

Making a city livable. I tried my hand at that in Springfield, Missouri both as a filmmaking professor and as a 1-term city planning commissioner.

What if it’s better for individuals who want a livable city — a 15-minute city — to go in search of it for themselves rather than trying to change what exists?

That’s what I did. It isn’t going to happen (anytime soon) in Springfield. But in Aveiro, Portugal? I found what I was looking for.

And now I intend to tell you about it.

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