Filming the Culture of Portugal

I have three related projects going on now. All of them focus on Portuguese culture.

This video is one in series of black & white, widescreen (2.2:1 – 1920 x 874) mini-docs I’ve been producing on my Google Pixel phone just for the fun of it. I’m enamored with all things black & white at the moment. I’m expecting this moment to last. I’m editing Trinity (the last documentary I filmed in the U.S.) in black & white. I’m converting many of my digital color photos just to see how they look. And in so many cases I like the results.

I am also filming cultural shorts for GMP!TV — the video brand of the Good Morning Portugal streaming show and podcast by Carl Munson. I’m planning to — don’t hold me to when — turn some of these into higher-quality, black & white, widescreen minis. Maybe. We’ll see.

Here’s one I did recently — notice the GMP!TV branding. I’m planning to film at a large and famous antique car show here in Aveiro at the end of May. My goal is to produce two of these per month. Maybe more. We’ll see.

Finally, I’m working on a web series with Carl Monson and Bobby O’Reilly called An Englishman & an Irishman Explore Portugal. This is a work in progress. Aren’t all shows a work in progress? Well, yes. Except I mean we’re still trying to figure out what this is. It began with a different title. It wasn’t until we’d filmed the first four episodes that we settled on a format — not actually seen in the first four ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m open to ideas for all of these. Just give me a holler.

I’ll have more to say about other documentary projects either in progress (e.g. the long-suffering Trinity) or in early planning stages. Because I know you’re itching to follow the progress of all this stuff, keep reading this blog — both of you ๐Ÿ™‚ — and follow me on Instagram, Facebook (pro page), and Twitter.

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